Stockholmed in Lodi

Two. Four. Six. Oh. One……

I may have fallen in love with my captors.

The last month of my life has been spent off-setting the sh*t out of my carbon footprint.

I have planted 6,000 Cherry and Pear Trees.

Well, I haven’t planted them, but I have supervised.

I have the “Super Vision.”

(SideNote: I visited a warehouse in Washington where someone handed me their business card. It read:

John Gorton
Chief Visionary Officer

This man obviously shares my “Super Vision”

My business card should read

Paul Vincent Wilson
Overcompensated Overcompensator.)

Hauling trees was the daily mission for the last two months

I capped of last week with a small load of 400 trees.

As I loaded the truck, I climbed atop the load and deadlifted the tree box from a small plastic strap. I overestimated the structural integrity of the strap.

It broke.

I launched backwards and back fliped onto the pavement.

I landed  in catlike perfect pushup position.

Saving my nose and teeth just in time.

Thanks to PDub, it is now available for you’re viewing pleasure on YouTube,
complete with premature victory celebration, punctuated by sprained wrist realization.